Welcome to this Filipino food  recipes site. Actually this site mainly features Ilonggo food, but I believe Ilonggo food is a reflection of the richness of Filipino food. Thus I will be providing food recipes that have become all-time favorites to Filipinos. Traditional Filipino food recipes are simple to cook and always pleasurable to serve and eat. Filipino food consist mostly of vegetables, seafood, coconut, meat and rice. Filipino food is rich in flavor & color. Filipino food and Ilonggo food is so delectable that Filipinos, wherever they may be always find a way to cook and enjoy its aroma and mouth-watering taste. The secret ingredient? None. Nothing at all. It is the pure love to cook and share happiness with family members, and friends.

Filipino cooking is influenced by many culture: Chinese, American, Arab, European and other Asian cuisines. Filipino food is a mixture of various recipes – providing what we call, the unique Filipino touch.
Filipinos have welcomed as their own, cuisines from other countries such noodles from the Chinese and Japanese, spicy and hot dishes from the Spaniards, fast-food from the Americans and even spaghetti and lasagna from the Italians. All these have for a long time form part of the Philippine cuisine - with the delightful Filipino touch, of course.
In earlier times Filipino food mainly include root crops, wild animals, vegetables and seafood. Filipino food recipes then was almost always boiled, roasted or broiled. Foreign influence brought in all kinds of spices and plants to the Philippines. And like the Filipino today, its cuisine is a gastronomic feast from different countries and cultures - from east to west.
There are however many Filipino recipes from each region of the Philippines. The Filipinos fondness to cooking has produced a unique form of Philippine cuisine. The Ilocanos up north is known for their pinakbet - a simple but nutritious mixed vegetable dish with fish paste. While the Bicolanos are famous for their Bicol express a hot, savory and spicy dish in coconut milk. Above all nothing beats the famous pork and chicken adobo (CPA), a dish the Philippines is known for all over the world.
In this site, take pleasure on the unique and mouth-watering tastes and colors of Philippine food na binabalik-balikan at hinahanap-hanap palagi. A gastronomic delight to many generations. Happy cooking, everyone!