Kadyos, baboy, langka - authentic Ilonggo dish!

Enjoy KBL, or pork knuckles stew with kadios, baboy & langka - an authentic Ilonggo dish.

3 cups of fresh kadios
1 kilo langka cubes
1 kilo pork
Pieces batuan
2 liters water
1 medium sized onion
1 roll tanglad or lemon grass

How to cook:
Broil over charcoal pork belly/legs to give it its smoky flavor in the stew later.when done cut into desired sizes. set aside

In a separate pot, boil fresh kadios for  5 minutes. Add langka and lemongrass. When the langka is soft, add the cut-up broiled pork and continue boiling for about 10 minutes. add batwan and katumbal. Mmmm! Namit gid ya...


  1. no comment kay manamit gid ya ang kbl. jejeje!

  2. hidlaw na ko sang KBL, pirme lng present kada pista sa uma:-9